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The TCSPCA Education Outreach Program is geared to teach the basics of responsible pet ownership to people of all ages. The programme devised by of our staff and volunteers utilizes public awareness and teaching techniques with corresponding information, all with proven success in similar situations. The program varies for differing age groups, with three primary target areas, the general public, secondary schools, and primary schools. The school programs will be carried out during a series of individual visits held during the school year.


The children will be taught responsible pet ownership through a series of tactics including appropriately aged activity handouts and hands on handling of animals. The highlight of each school presentation will include an adult costumed as a dog, a school song for animals and an art competition.


The young adults will learn responsible pet ownership through a series of slide shows, hands-on demonstrations, and handouts geared for those age levels. Youth groups will be formed with those students willing to take a more active role in assisting the TCSPCA and become junior TCSPCA volunteers.


The general populace of the Turks and Caicos Island will be approached through various means. Radio and TV infomercials will be produced(some by secondary students) and repeatedly run on the local channels.

It is vital that the TCSPCA includes other aspects such as cruelty and neglect in the school curriculum and through public awareness campaigns. This will be handled in a sensitive manner and appropriate for each of the relevant groups. Under this banner we would discuss abandonment, neglect and tail docking.


The office of the TCSPCA is suited to an open classroom of up to 10 students at a time. They can visit and see what happens on a daily basis, see work in progress, and take part in fun humane educational workshops.


Email us at tcspca@tciway.tc / Call us on 649-941-8846 (office) / 649-231-3052(mobile)

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